Distinctive French fabrics are a speciality of Provencal Chic.  The range includes

  • Indiennes are fabrics whose original influence is from fabrics from India.  They first came to France in the mid 1600s imported by the East India Company.  They are brightly coloured designs incorporating flowers, trees, animals and most importantly they can have the Paisley pattern which has its origins in Indian religious festivals and the use of the mango shape.
  • Provencale style which are typically brightly coloured in either striped or allover patterns.   Motifs can include grapes, sunflowers, lavender, cicada, olives and they all evoke the colours of the South with its sunshine and blue skies
  • Toiles Basque fabrics are typically striped, multicoloured and can made of cotton or canvas.  They are from the Basque country in the South West of France and the North East of Spain.
  • Toiles de Jouy can be abbreviated to Toiles and are fabrics whose name derives from their initial manufacture and design in the town of Jouy en Josas, close to Versailles .  They are typically a white or cream background with a repeated pattern which can be of pastoral scenes, or other important historic events.   Toiles can be printed in a single colour such as dark red, black, red or blue being the most common.