One of the many favourite things I love in France are the decorations on doors and windows especially on houses close to the street.

Many of my walks through small towns and villages allow me to peep into the homes to feel how the people live within.   Without being too much of a “busy body”!    Usually the windows are covered with exquisite lace curtains and sometimes beautifully designed fabrics.    And the doorways have a knocker to let the residents know that they have a visitor.   One of my favourites is the Hand of Fatima – so much so I have one on my front door at home.   They are everywhere in the old villages, especially in the South and South West of France.  I believe they protect the house and its occupants and derive from Muslim countries.  They are  in the shape of a hand holding a ball which when used as a door knocker it makes a very loud noise – not to be ignored.

Have a look at my Pinterest board on Doors, Windows and Walls in France – I have really enjoyed searching for such wonderful reminders of some of my French favourites.

Photos below show:

  • French shuttered window in my favourite blue colour – such a tradition in the area
  • Hand of Fatima door knocker in St Antonin Noble Val
  • At dusk in the market square in St Antonin we looked up to the first floor window to see this regal Cocker Spaniel looking out as if he was surveying his territory prior to retiring for the evening.  Isn’t he a marvel!
  • and last of all, a streetscape showing greenery and  a special fer forge (ironwork) balcony.

 See more on my Pinterest board

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