Indian Designs Influence French Fabrics

How did the colours and designs of Indian fabrics influence the development of French fabrics? The East India Trading Company (Compagnie des Indes Orientales) introduced fabrics from India in the early 1600s.  When these stunningly printed cottons came into Marseilles the intricate patterns and striking tones and colours dazzled the French. This was the start of the modern cotton industry in France.  The French called the fabrics calicots (for Calcutta), chints (from the Hindu word for the cotton fabrics) or simply Indiennes. These Indiennes are some of my favourite fabrics and whenever I can I ensure that I have a range of these historic fabrics in my collection.  Typical colours … Read More »

Looking after your coated table cloth

So often in France you will see in the homes and markets table cloths that are “coated” or “waterproof”. These cloths are on my website and are so easy to look after.  They keep their colours for a long time and can be used inside or outside – even in the sunny weather.  In order for them to be as robust as they are a coating of clear acrylic is rolled onto the cotton cloth during the manufacturing process to ensure the fabric is waterproof.  These cloths are 100% cotton with an acrylic coating +anti stain treatment, and are easy to maintain. To ensure the cloth lasts well and continues … Read More »

Doors and Windows of France

One of the many favourite things I love in France are the decorations on doors and windows especially on houses close to the street. Many of my walks through small towns and villages allow me to peep into the homes to feel how the people live within.   Without being too much of a “busy body”!    Usually the windows are covered with exquisite lace curtains and sometimes beautifully designed fabrics.    And the doorways have a knocker to let the residents know that they have a visitor.   One of my favourites is the Hand of Fatima – so much so I have one on my front door at home.   They are everywhere … Read More »

St Antonin Noble Val – Southern France

My favourite village in the South West of France Last year I visited the south west of France with some good friends to celebrate my ???th birthday – some things can be kept secret!   I have travelled  to France often since living in Paris for 3 years in the 70s but had not visited the south west region.   What a delightful area it is – I really enjoyed getting to know the area and its customs, historic towns and villages.   One of my favourite places was St Antonin Noble Val, a little over 1 hour by car from Toulouse. Have you seen the movie “A Hundred Foot … Read More »